Saturday, August 25, 2007

Building X-Ape-It

The host for one of the Chimp TV shows I am doing is called X-Ape-It.

The design was done by Pasha Romanowski and I built him. I wanted him to look cool and hip. I think the design was spot on.

I was very unsure during the whole building process. I just felt he didn't look right and I kept tweeking the puppet.

It started to get worrisome for me since he was going to he the host of this show.

As I started to add more features it started to look better and as a result I felt better.

I could slowly start to see a character coming through.

I think the final puppet looks pretty good.

Surprisingly enough I think he looks pretty close to Pasha's original vision.

Of course there is always interpretation for the builder, but I definately have a sense that he is cool chimp.

Wolf Puppet On Ebay

So, I decided to take the Ebay plunge and I have listed my wolf puppet for sale there. If you are interested in a great character to add to your next project go and place a bid. You never know you might get it for a lot less than you think.

Chimp TV gets an Added Boost

How happy am I that I decided that I couldn't finish all of the puppets I needed on my timeline without some help? I am very happy. The reason is that I opted to hire fellow puppet builder Philip Hatter from Thistledown Puppets to help me. He is a great builder and working with him has been nothing short of amazing!

Philip has been chronicling his work on his puppet blog and the results are fantastic!

Here is one of his posts talking about getting started. Be sure to check out both of our blogs as things get rolling with Chimp TV.