Saturday, August 25, 2007

Building X-Ape-It

The host for one of the Chimp TV shows I am doing is called X-Ape-It.

The design was done by Pasha Romanowski and I built him. I wanted him to look cool and hip. I think the design was spot on.

I was very unsure during the whole building process. I just felt he didn't look right and I kept tweeking the puppet.

It started to get worrisome for me since he was going to he the host of this show.

As I started to add more features it started to look better and as a result I felt better.

I could slowly start to see a character coming through.

I think the final puppet looks pretty good.

Surprisingly enough I think he looks pretty close to Pasha's original vision.

Of course there is always interpretation for the builder, but I definately have a sense that he is cool chimp.


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