Monday, April 04, 2005

Alistair Ant back to his old tricks

After a rest from the showbiz lights and fame, Alistair Ant is back to performing. Alistair Ant Productions is the live performance children's entertainment company that is owned and operated by Rob and Soli Joy. When Rob and Soli first asked me to build Alistair, they were very clear that they did not want a traditional "muppety" looking puppet. After a while I came back with a latex puppet that still had a unique cuteness to him. It was then that Alistair Ant was born.

After the initial success of their first Alistair show entitled "The Bigger the Better Said Alistair Ant", they then went on to create the latest Alistair adventure called "Double Trouble for Alistair Ant". For his latest adventure I was asked to build an identical Alistair Ant puppet and a new character named "Sluggo"(a yellow slug).

Rob and Soli are amazing talents and their shows are not to be missed. Even though the shows are clearly geared to young children, I have been completely enteretained during each show I have seen. That is not the case for most children's shows I have seen. I must say that after seeing their shows live I am left with only one major question. Why are these performers not on television? They are equally as talented and any Canadian children's performers currently on television, and I would say they are better that most of them. It will only be a matter of time before they are on television. I can't wait! I would love to see it happen. If you want to check out their shows, or hire them please visit them at their website here. It is well worth it!