Thursday, April 07, 2005

Where ya gonna' go? Follow me to Clown School!

At least those are some of the lyrics to the television series pilot that has been developed by Ronald Czajkowski. Clown School follows the crazy adventures of a group of mismatched clowns.

When I was approached by Ron to build "Mr. Giggles" (the only puppet character in the show) I was given a lot of artistic freedom. It was a great build for me because I was able to work with very few restrictions. I was told that the puppet had to be a middle aged, orange, spider monkey, who was cute. The rest was up to me. I was happy with the final result.

Ron has demonstrated himself to be extremely committed to the concept and has done some impressive things to help make the show viable. He has gone out and hired Sam Henderson of Spongebob Squarepants fame to help write the scripts for all of the pilot shows.

What is happening with the show now? When last I heard, Ron had set up a pitch session with the president of Nickelodeon. I wish him the best in his production dreams and I look forward to hearing more good news on the show's status. I will post more when I hear something.