Monday, May 02, 2005

Get Ready for Slick Silly! (part 1)

I got permission from the show's producer to post information on one of the most recent projects that Chensational Productions has been a part of. Over the past year, I have worked on an amazing project that was produced by the Gemini Award winning media company Snap Media.

Snap Media has decided to venture into the television/video production arena. One of their inaugural projects is a five DVD interactive series about a couple of ape mechanics. The show was initially called Slick Silly and the Big Trucks. The show was filmed against a green screen for all of the internal shots and on location for the exteriors.

I was cast as Slick (a young excitable monkey; although I always though of him as a chimp) and his old orangutan uncle named Uncle Willy (played by Jay Williams). The puppets were made by a talented puppet builder out in Edmonton named Damien James. The puppets looked amazing especially on close up shots.

The Backgrounds were provided by talented Toronto based illustrator Jim Graves. I met Jim a few years ago and I was profoundly struck by his high level of integrity. It was clear that not only were his drawings absolutely amazing, but his level of professionalism was something that I truly respected. Jim also goes by the name The Cartoon Guy and even shares the name with his company. Check it out here.

Filming for the video component was finished filming in August and was fully edited by December. That part is completely done, and the interactive components are reportedly amazing. I have seen the edited video component and I am very excited. For the small budget we worked with the results are simply fantastic. It is a show that I am extremely proud to be a part of.

Hats off to Nick Sulsky (producer) Matt, Chris and the amazing crew!

I will keep posting as news becomes available.


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