Sunday, April 10, 2005

Wonderful little workshop

I thought that it might be worth the time to share a few things about my workshop. It is far from ideal but it works (for now). In a few months I will be moving and my workshop set up will look a little different. For now it is a converted space in my basement.

The setup is pretty basic. I have a ton of shelves all along the walls loaded with plastic bins full of materials and puppets (some of which have been sold since this picture was taken). In my basement I have the option to open the window (which I do) when working with contact cement and other toxic fumes. I personally choose to use rubber disposable gloves as well as wearing a respirator. As one last added feature I installed a powerful hoodfan over my gluing area to help take most of the toxic fumes outside. I have a few puppets that are works in progress lying around as well.

Here is a little kitty puppet that I have been working on for a show idea that I will be developing through my company Chensational Puppets. He will be the pet of a crotchety old man who takes pleasure in tormenting door-to-door salesmen.

These two little snake puppets were to be a part of a great show pilot. At the last minute the executive producers decided to go with traditional animation rather than puppets, and the team that had been assembled was suddenly out on their ears (Ouch! The business can be tough).

Finally, this is an eel puppet I made for a New York area comedian. It was an updated version of an old sock puppet he had been using. Sometimes I take on jobs just because I like the challenge involved. This puppet allowed me to take an old character and give him a modern facelift. Pretty cool I think.

Like it or not this is my workshop. The basics are here and I have made many a puppet during my year or so of having it set up like this. I look forward to moving and I know that my new workshop will be just as nice...and a whole lot brighter!