Saturday, July 09, 2005

Chensational sponsor of Puppets Up!

Well I have moved to my new home and have been trying to set up my new workshop. Things are taking much longer than I thought and I have been without the interenet for about a month so my blog entries have been very scarce. But that does not mean that things are not been happening with Chensational Puppets.

Chensational Puppets has decided to support an amazing puppet event happening in the province of Ontario, CANADA. The event is called Puppets Up! and it is happening just outside of the city of Ottawa, Ontario in a small town called Almonte.

The two day event will involve a variety of puppets and puppetry from all over North America. Each day, professional puppet companies will perform 20 shows in large marquee tents located throughout the downtown core of Almonte. Puppet making workshops, amateur puppet shows and video performances will take place in smaller tents and indoor spaces. Surrounding the performance core will be a constant buzz of street activity including balcony puppet performances, interactive kiosks, buskers, musicians, storytellers, sidewalk art, puppet exhibits, window displays, workshops, skits, face painting as well as souvenir and food vendors.

Chensational Puppets will be at the event both as a sponsor and as a participant. I have agreed to perform a variety of puppet characters from the balconies in the dowtown core of Almonte. I look forward to the event and I hope to see some of you there as well.

For advance ticket sales go here.


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