Monday, April 09, 2007

It's Alive!!! So Save Those Scraps

Well here is the result of a little project I started oh so long ago and never seemed to have time to finish. He was my first attempt at a cable controlled puppet blinking mech. It works very nicely I must say (I used a bike break cable). My intention was to include photos of the whole process but I barely had time to work on the puppet much less take pictures. So I apologize for not having more pictures.

Here are the pictures I have. Not exactly step by step, but pictures none-the-less. So at this point you might be saying, "Oh, another puppet." Yes! But not just any puppet. You see this puppet is quite special. Aside from it being my first attempt at a cable controlled eye blink puppet (darn I wish I had taken pictures of him with his eyes closed), he is constructed in a slightly unique way as well.

This puppet was built from all of those little extra scraps of fleece that I had gathered over the years and never wanted to throw out (because antron cost money don't you know). That's right, this little guy is sewn together from numerous small pieces of fleece. As well, I decided that everything on him was to be sewn by hand; so it is (with the exception of the outside of the arms; the patchwork of fabric on the arms was done by hand but I was getting impatient with the outside. What can I say?).

I had lovingly called him "Frankenswine" during the process. Althought I have just been watching Pirates Of the Caribbean while I was sewing his costume and I found his voice taking on a distinctive pirate tone. Oh well, he is done now and I am very happy with him.


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