Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Chensational Avenue Q visitor!

It was last month that I received and email from a past client of mine (Andrew MacDonald-Smith to be exact) letting me know that he had entered the puppet I had built for him into a contest from Avenue Q. The contest asked puppets to be entered for an opportunity to win a trip to visit Avenue Q in New York City.

The entries were whittled down to a handful and then the public was asked to vote for their favourite puppet. The top three would be posted and would win the trips. Well I just went to the website for the results.

Maurice Tipo was one of the three puppets chosen. I am proud to say that a Chensational Puppet will now have the opportunity to visit Avenue Q and be surrounded by the puppets that were built by amazing puppet buider/puppeteer Rick Lyon who built the cast of Avenue Q.

I have included some of the original text from the website for you to read over. I wanted to wait until the results were in before I wrote about this in my blog. Enjoy.

I am glad that a puppet I built was able to bring happiness of a different kind to someone I have built for. It is a good feeling sometimes being a puppet builder. Actually more often than most people can imagine.

Congratulations also to the other winners. Well done.


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