Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get A Chensational Puppet Of Your Very Own!

Well, I have never done this in my life but the time has finally arrived. I am clearing out my workshop and as a result I have decided to sell some of the early and current puppets that I have made for different projects.

Normally my custom work can get a bit pricey, but here is an opportunity to get a great puppet for well below what I normally charge. I must point out that I will be selling off two batches of puppets. These are the first batch.

I am in Canada but all my prices are in US dollars (any people interested outside of the US can contact me and we can discuss the appropriate rate).

Here is what I am selling:

These two bunny puppets are screen used for a Canadian television show called "The 11th Hour". They were design to be "creepy and cute at the same time".

These two rat puppets were a couple of my earlier puppets. I was planning on doing a video with them called "The Rat Pack" but I nevr had time to do it.

Originally built as a custom order, the purchaser opted not to buy them. Their loss is your gain. These two aliens' heads are cast latex rubber.

Another show idea I had, these two "whisps" have latex heads and hands and come in these custom costumes.

This awesome troll was an experiment using two part molds. Face, hand and feet (actually one foot) are all latex. There are lots of cool details on him and he is wonderful to operate.

The second latex puppet I ever made. She is a witch with cool blue hair, and a wonderful fit on the hand. She was on display with some famous puppets at a puppetry exhibit a while ago (bottom picture, far right can only see her dress a bit, but I have other pictures wth her).

This gargoyle was made out of scraps that can be found in any classroom. It was a cool puppet to make using everyday items. He is extremely light!

The Big Bad Wolf was a custom build for a video I was in a while back. He has an internal blinking eye mechanism, removeable legs and a "sheep's clothing" costume.

If you are interested or you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me via email: Chensational [at] gmail [dot] com


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They look great, I'll have to start saving quick.

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