Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If Life Were Like That...

 wouldn't need VISA.

Or so the commercial goes. Well a while back I was a part of a commercial of sorts that used this popular add campaign as a series of comical spoofs highlighting a director reel for director David Mewa (pronounced "mee-wah").

I was contacted by David and asked if I could build a wolf puppet and sheep costume in two weeks. Normally I would just say no way, but David was sent my way by a good friend and I guess I am a glutton for punishment, so I agreed. I had absolutely no time and found myself using spare minutes here and there to try to build this puppet.

I had the puppet ready for delivery on shoot day. If you ask me, I notice that the puppet looks rushed. Ultimately however I think the look works. I am extremely critical of my work and I know that with more time I could have done much better.

The wolf got his chance to perform mid afternoon. In fact I remember being in a deep sleep and hearing my name called to get ready to go on. I performed for a short titled "Yes Men".

The idea behind the sketch is that if people had a boss who didn't care who he hired then you wouldn't need an awesome director like David Mewa. So the short ended with "If life were like that then you wouldn't need MEWA". The idea being that your boss won't want to hire just anyone (especially a wolf in sheeps clothing).

The shoot was impressively well organized. We shot everything in the CBC building in Toronto. In fact David is a director who works for CBC and just recently finished working on a new show called "Hockeyville".

So finally here is the completed clip called "Yes Men".



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