Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Chensational Profile on Swazzle!

Well what exactly is a swazzle? Or more correctly who exactly is Swazzle. Well the short of it is that Swazzle is a California based touring puppetry company that have a very unique twist on children's entertainment. In a time where prerecorded tracks are often the "norm" for kids shows, Swazzle performs all of their shows live.

The quality of their puppets and performances speak for themselves. Highly talented and comitted to quality entertainment they recently started to branch in some other directions.

Most recently creating a card of their own and different members starting their own blogs.

One of their members named Sean Johnson has his blog called Puppet101. Sean is a very talented puppet builder and puppeteer in his own right and he recently did a profile on Chensational Puppets.

Be sure to read all about it here.


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