Monday, March 13, 2006

Broadway Debut For Andrew and Maurice

A Chensational Puppet has officially been on Broadway...well, sort of.

It's not everyday that someone gets to go on stage with the cast of a Tony Award winning show. It's even more unusual for a puppet to do so. But that is exactly what Andrew-MacDonald Smith and Maurice Tipo did this past March, 2006.

Andrew entered the character of Maurice Tipo that he created (and that was built by Chensational Puppets), into a contest for Avenue Q.

Well it seems that after a second contest, to see who would be chosen to perform on stage with the cast of Avenue Q, Andrew and Maurice won again.

Andrew is a true talent. You can see his winning video entry here. I will be sure to update his progress and hopefully he will be using more Chensational Puppets for his future puppet projects.

To see an online interview of what happened during Andrew and Maurice's March visit to New York City, click here.

Keep up the great work Andrew!


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